We offer a range of services, from Express Entry to Citizenship opportunities, where each case is handled with the utmost care.

Express Entry

Express Entry is an online system that IRCC implemented to fast track the Permanent Resident application process for skilled workers. The electronic process allows for quicker processing times, averaging around six minutes.

Provincial Programs

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) provides an alternative to immigrate to Canada. The PNP program can help individuals who do not have enough points to be selected under Express Entry. Provincial Nominations issued under Express Entry aligned streams is known as ‘enhanced nominations’ and award Express Entry candidates an additional 600 CRS points

Family Sponsorship

Moving abroad and leaving your loved ones is one of the hardest things for new immigrants to do. That is why the government of Canada has many programs in place to reunite families.
Sponsoring your spouse, child, parents, or other family members can be much more complicated than it appears. Getting it wrong can mean several years of family separation and costly, stressful litigation.

Work & Study Permits

Having a temporary status in Canada can lead to Permanent Residence (PR) for skilled workers through Canadian work experience and students through a post-graduate-work-permit. At Initium Novum we found this pathway our most rewarding and exciting path. Young and Old come to Canada to work and study and fall in love with our beautiful country and end up making Canada their permanent home.


Canadian Citizenship was first created in 1947 by the Canadian Citizenship Act. Today’s version of the law says both Canadian born and naturalized citizens are equally entitled to a citizen’s rights and subject to the duties of a citizen. In 2014 the strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act brought about the first significant amendments to the Citizenship Act since 1977. However, these changes were amended by legislation passed in 2017.

Employers LMIA

In most cases, employers must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before they can hire a foreign worker. To obtain a positive LMIA, a Canadian employer must prove that no Canadian or Permanent Resident (PR) worker is available to complete the job in question. A foreign worker is, therefore, required.


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